The Mandandanji Assistance Fund provides support to Mandandanji people with education, funerals, sporting and cultural activities. Since 2014 Mandandanji has distributed over $370,000 to members. This opportunity is a result of the Applicant negotiations and interest earned from Mandandanji accounts. The board has been working with the Ashurst legal team (pro-bono) to secure DGR (Deductible Gift Recipient) status this will improve the board’s ability to secure more funds for MAF and to setup this fund for the long-term. In 2016.17 financial year the board received more than 110 applications for support and has distributed over $100,000 to members. All applications received after March 2017 have been held over till more money is secured for MAF. At the AGM the board will announce the fund value for 2017.18 and have applications forms available for members. The board hopes there will be 2 funding rounds in 2017.18 financial year.

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