Roma Office and retail

As part of the Dreaming Festival, Mandandanji invited Mandandanji members to sell their art, alongside bush tucker and other gift ideas from Indigenous businesses. The response from the public was great, so Mandandanji also took a stand at the Roma Show. The Mandandanji office in Roma, now has a shop front, with shelving donated by a Roma retailer, visitors and locals drop in each day to have a look at what is in store. If you have ideas for stock, please call the office and give us the details. The board hopes in the future to offer on-line retail.

Thanks to SANTOS for the donation of printers and the board room furniture, the office is open at; 71 Arthur Street; ROMA, m. PO Box 706; Roma; QLD 4455

Monday – Friday 10am- 1:00pm 1:30-4:30pm

Phone 07 4622 3874


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