Special General Meeting

Mandandanji People and Mandandanji Limited

On 7 March 2018, the Federal Court made a determination that native does not exist in the area covered by native title determination application QUD 366 of 2008 (Mandandanji Claim).
The board of Mandandanji Limited has resolved to call a meeting of the Mandandanji People and a Special General Meeting of Mandandanji Limited.
The Mandandanji People are those people who were described in the Mandandanji Claim as being the biological descendants of the following named apical ancestors: Nellie Edwards, Combarngo Bill, Weribone Jack Senior and Mary Weribone (the” Mandandanji People”).
This Notice invites all Mandandanji People and members of Mandandanji Limited to attend 2 meetings to be held as follows:
Date: 2 June 2018 Venue: Level 3, Toowoomba Civic Centre, 155 Herries Street, Toowoomba, Qld.
Time: 11.30 am registration opens, prior to the meeting starting at 12 pm.
MEETING 1 – Meeting of the Mandandanji People.
The purpose of Meeting 1 is to: • hear an address by Trevor Hauff of Trevor Hauff Lawyers;

• discuss and make decisions about the ramifications for the Mandandanji People following the Determination by the Federal Court on 7 March 2018;

• discuss and if thought appropriate to make decisions about the chances of success and risks in filing an appeal, the likely costs of an appeal, the likelihood of costs orders being made in the event of failure, whether in all the circumstances an appeal should be filed against the Determination; if so, to make decisions about:

(a) confirmation of the method of decision making to be adopted by the Mandandanji People when authorising an applicant to file an appeal;

(b) authorisation of persons to be the Applicant in accordance with section 251B NTA to file an appeal on behalf of the Mandandanji People against the Determination made in QUD 366 of 2008, and to deal with all matters arising in relation to it; and

(c) what conditions or limitations (if any) should be imposed on the authority of the Applicant;

• discuss the future role of Mandandanji Limited and its associated businesses;

• discuss and understand the impact the Determination will have upon existing ILUA’s, RTN or Cultural Heritage Management Plans and Cultural Heritage Agreements where the Mandandanji People are parties;

• to consider and if thought appropriate to make decisions about retaining the existing cultural heritage coordinator or whether to appoint a new cultural heritage coordinator;

• to consider and if thought appropriate to make decisions about whether Mandandanji Cultural Heritage Services Pty Ltd or Sandalwood Projects Pty Ltd or another entity should be appointed as the cultural heritage service provider for future cultural heritage management; and

• discuss and understand recent case law concerning the application of the “last man standing” concept in the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 and its likely ramifications for future cultural heritage management and agreement making in the Determination Area.

Note: Only people who were included in the claimant group description of the Mandandanji People as contained in native title determination application QUD 366 of 208 can attend Meeting One.

MEETING 2 – Special General Meeting of the members of Mandandanji Limited

Meeting 2 will be in 2 Parts. Part 1 will only proceed if the Mandandanji People decide to authorise an appeal be filed against the Determination made by the Federal Court on 7 March 2018 in QUD 366 of 2018.

The purpose of Meeting 2 is to provide members of Mandandanji Limited an opportunity to consider, and if thought appropriate to decide:

Part 1

(a) whether it is the best use of the funds of Mandandanji Limited to fund the appeal (including any costs orders should the appeal be unsuccessful) and if so, to consider the extent of any such funding and on what conditions any such funding will be provided; and

Part 2

(b) whether clause 10.1 of the Constitution of Mandandanji Limited should be amended by the addition of a new clause 10.1(f) which reads:

“(f) A Member must not be a proxy for and vote for more than to be determined members.”

Note: Only financial members of Mandandanji Limited or their proxies can attend Meeting 2.

To register for the meeting, please call Mandandanji Limited on 07 4622 3874 or email secretary@mandandanji.com.au.

Registrations must be received no later than 31.5.18 and should clearly set out your name, contact details and your Mandandanji ancestor.

Extremely tight budgetary limitations apply. Limited travel assistance will only be made available upon satisfying eligibility criteria – please contact Mandandanji Limited on 07 4622 3874 for further details.


Please download more information below

SGM Notice

Proxy Notice

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