SGM Travel Reimbursement Policy

Please note that Mandandanji Ltd will only reimburse expenses incurred up to a maximum of $100 in total costs per attendee, subject to attendance at the Special General Meeting.

Remuneration for travel assistance to attend the Special General meeting is activity-based, payable subject to attendance and reflecting, in general terms, evidence of registration to the meeting.

The following list identifies all travel expenses that are reimbursable to attendees.  If an expense does not appear on the list, it is not a reimbursable expense.  An original itemized receipt must provide a description of the services purchased.  Unsupported expenses where original itemized receipts are required will not be reimbursed.  If the original receipt has been lost, the claimant must request the vendor to re-issue the receipt.  Photocopies of receipts and credit card receipts are not acceptable supporting documentation.

Reimbursable Expense Expense Details Required supporting documentation
Air-fares Only the lowest available airfare can be charged.  In all cases economy must be considered.

Will only be reimbursed up to a maximum of $100. 

All additional costs are the sole responsibility of the attendee

Original ticket receipt, including itinerary and proof of purchase (invoice).  It is a requirement to have the fare class booked and travelled displayed on the supporting documentation.   All additional costs are the sole responsibility of the attendee.
Accommodation Limited to standard single occupancy rate in a hotel, or whatever class of available accommodation is the least expensive/most reasonable.

Will only be reimbursed up to a maximum of $100.


Original itemized receipt.
Vehicle Rental Limited to a compact, mid-size, or full-size vehicle depending upon justifiable need.  Rental fees, kilometre charges, fuel charges, and insurance coverage are reimbursable up to a maximum of $100


Rental agreement or receipt.  Document provided must include information on the type of vehicle rented, the breakdown of charges, and proof of payment.


Private Vehicle Kilometre allowance – .50c per kilometre up to a maximum of $100 Fuel receipts and travel itinerary required to include departure point and route travelled.
Public Transport

(Taxi, Bus, Train)

Actual cost of fare paid up to a maximum of $75 Original receipt required for all fares paid.
Parking Actual cost of parking up to a maximum of $75


Original receipt required.



Please note that reimbursable expenses will only be paid up to a maximum amount of $100 for all travel expenses incurred.  Ie. Reimbursement will not be paid over the maximum amount of $100 for “multiple” expense types such as vehicle, parking and accommodation combined.

Reimbursement of expenses will be deposited into the attendee’s nominated bank account as early as practicable.  There will be no “cash” reimbursements made on the day.


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