A Tribute to Tracy Landers

This tribute was written by Raylene Manns, Chairperson of ML & MCHS,, to honour her friend and fellow Board member.

I have known Tracy Landers all my life. Our families grew up around the corner from each other. The Manns’s in Charles street and the Landers family in Arthur with Beitzies shop in between. Separated from the rest of Roma by the Gully.

Tracy and I have shared friendships, falling outs and, thankfully, friendships again. I’ve seen Tracy grow into a proud, staunch Aboriginal woman!

I’ve seen Tracy bring her children into this world and grow her wonderful family. While my heart goes to all of Tracy’s family and friends, it’s Andrew, Tallis, Kaitlyn and Jezamay that I think of the most. And, of course, her loving husband Brian. I am sadly unable to attend Mum’s funeral today but you have a special part of my love.

The Mandandanji people will miss Tracy. She served as an Applicant for Mary Weribone and as a Board member of Mandandanji Limited and Mandandanji Cultural Heritage Services from 2017 until she sadly passed away.

Tracy was a fighter. She fought her illness until the end and never let that illness interfere with her role as a Board member. She was tenacious but, most of all, she was compassionate. Her love for the Mandandanji people was so important and she was always willing to give her approval should we be able to help a member in need. We’ll have a spot set up for her in future meetings because we know she’ll be with us.

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