Are apprenticeships only for school leavers?
– No, we welcome applications from mature aged applicants. Santos has previously employed apprentices from a diverse range of ages and backgrounds.

Do I need to have completed year 12?
As a minimum we do require recent school leavers (within the last 5 years) to have completed year 11 and have achieved sound achievements in Maths & English. You will be asked to provide evidence of your school results during the recruitment process.

Can I apply if I live overseas?
– You will be required to hold a relevant visa enabling you to work in Australia on a full-time basis. Santos does not provide VISA sponsorship for apprentice positions.

What is the application process for the apprentice process for the apprenticeship intake?
– The application process will involve several steps including:

1. Online Application

– The online application allows you to tell us who you are, which role you are applying for, your skills and experience and why you want to complete an apprenticeship with Santos. Your employer will be Programmed Skilled Workforce and hosted to Santos.

2. Documents you will be required to attach include:

– Your resume and cover letter
– A copy of your recent school results if you have left school in the last 5 years
– Proof of right to work in Australia (if applicable)

3. Online Assessments

– Once your application as been reviewed, Programmed will let you know if you have been successful to move onto the next stage which is a range of online assessments. These assessments can be completed wherever you have online access. Online testing includes mechanical, numerical and verbal reasoning.

4. Assessment centre & Interview

– If your online assessment is successful, you will move through to the next stage where you will be invited to attend and assessment centre. The assessment centre will provide an opportunity to participate in a range of interactive activities which may include workshop tours, group and inidividual activities.

5. You will also attend an interview

– This will provide Programmed Skilled Workforce and Santos with an opportunity to gain a further understanding of who you are and an opportunity to tell us more about yourself and ask questions.

6. Pre-employment medical and reference checks

– This stage of the process will see successful candidates from the assessment centres and interviews progress to pre-employment medicals and reference checks.

7. Offer

– Successful candidates will be formally offered an apprenticeship in writing by Programmed Skilled Workforce.

Can I apply in person?
– Due to the large volume of applications Programmed Workforce and Santos receives, we require all applications to be made on line.

How long does the recruitment process take?
– Due to the high volume of applications Programmed Workforce and Santos receives and the thorough process we undertake in selecting candidates, the process can take up to 3 months to complete. We expect to be able to finalise offers by mid-December 2019.

Is relocation offered?
– Relocation is not offered for apprentice roles and if successful, apprentices must live locally.

Can I apply for more than one apprenticeship/location?
– You will only be able to apply for one apprenticeship and location when making your application as you will need to live within the local area.

How long are the apprenticeships for?
– Apprenticeships range from 4-5years nominally depending on the trade you have selected, however as apprenticeships are competency based, there is an opportunity to complete training earlier.

If I am successful, when will I commence?
– Apprentices who are successful will commence in late January or early February 2020.

Will I be notified if I am unsuccessful?
– All candidates will be notified by Programmed Skilled Workforce of the outcome of their application either by email or by phone.

Can I apply if I have applied previously?
– We certainly welcome applications from candidates who have previously applied.

Can I apply if I already have a trade?
– You can apply if you already have a trade. However, we do ask you consider how similar your current trade is, to the on you are applying for, as you may already have completed many of the competencies and would not be required to complete a full apprenticeship.

Can I apply if I have already commenced an apprenticeship?
– We do accept applications from candidates who have already commenced an apprenticeship in the same trade they are applying for.

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