Welcoming the new Mandandanji Board for 2020

Mandandanji Ltd would like to take this opportunity to farewell and to say thank you to our previous board members, Raylene Manns, Michelle Leslie, Max McDonald, Tracey Landers (who sadly passed during her tenure) and Rob Manns for their commitment to the improvement of Mandandanji and their efforts to tighten internal controls and seek out alternative income streams to sustain our programs.   

Following the AGM held on Sunday, 22nd December 2019, our proud new board members elected for Mandandanji Ltd for 2020 are; Gillian Coghill and Shirley Frid from the apical group ‘Nellie Edwards’, Leigh Himstedt and Russell Himstedt from the apical group ‘Combarngo Bill’, Andrew Landers and Jezamay Landers from the apical group ‘Mary Weribone’ and Marion Mitchell and Stacey Trindall from the apical group ‘Weribone Jack’

Our newly formed board wasted no time in getting down to business and held their first board meeting on the weekend of the 18th/19th January.  Congratulations to;
Leigh Himstedt (Chairperson), Andrew Landers (Vice-Chairperson) and Jezamay Landers (Treasurer)Ang Klein kindly accepted the Boards request to act in the role of Secretary for 2020.

In what proved to be a very productive meeting, our newly formed Board have now reviewed our current Operations, Strategic and Business Plans, our identified partners and proponents and have already commenced planning around a number of initiatives available through grant funding and potential contract opportunities with local industry.  All are keen to ensure that our activities and projects are communicated regularly for all of members to keep up to date on our success stories as well as our challenges.

The Mandandanji Ltd Board of Directors provides critical leadership and decision-making which are vital to presenting a unified voice.  We are privileged to have such a committed and talented group of leaders at the helm of our organisation, and we anticipate that the diverse experience our new board members bring will add significant value.  Looking forward to a successful future! We are all confident that you have a great deal to offer in directing the future growth of our association.

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