Mandandanji Businesses

On this page you will learn about the businesses run by Mandandanji Limited and some of the services we provide.

If you represent a business or organisation who would like to partner with Mandandanji Limited or operate on Mandandanji country, please contact our project manager using the form provided.

Cultural Heritage Services

Mandandanji Cultural Heritage Services Pty Ltd’s (MCHS) primary objective is to support proponents undertaking works in the Mandandanji Claim area, to meet their obligations under the Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Act 2003 (QLD).

MCHS promotes and advocates for Mandandanji people’s rights and interests in the management protection and conservation of Mandandanji cultural heritage, land and natural resources.

The services provided by Mandandanji Cultural Heritage Services are unique because they:

  • Offer legitimate advice in regards to local heritage and cultural issues

  • Provide a credible solution for the resource sector to meet their social and compliance obligations

  • Engages and utilises the knowledge of Traditional Owners

The key services include:

  • Identification and recognition of Indigenous people’s rights and interests in the management, protection and conservation of Indigenous cultural heritage

  • Training of Indigenous Cultural Heritage Officers

  • Service provider arrangements for Indigenous groups

  • Training and introduction to Indigenous Cultural Heritage matters for business

  • Land and natural resource management advice and services

  • Effective leadership, development, coordination implementation and evaluation of Indigenous cultural heritage

  • GIS Global services that cover the Mandandanji Native Title claim

  • Advice and expertise to other Traditional Owner groups on major project developments

  • Recording and storage of information associated with site registration.

The MCHS Capability Statement provides more information on the services available.

Inductions & Training

MCHS also co-ordinates briefings and inductions about Indigenous Cultural Heritage for proponents and their staff.

Inductions can range from 2 hour information sessions to 2 day workshops.

Examples Of The Training We Provide
Legislative Process
Surveying Sites
Care & Maintenance Of Sites
Global Positioning System
In Vehicle Monitoring System
Writing Reports

MCHS is a registered cultural heritage training provider with the Australian Government – Department of The Environment, Working on Country

MCHS Vehicle Washdown Service

MCHS provides an environmentally superior wash-down service in Chinchilla and weed hygiene services throughout the Surat Basin region. The wash-down service utilises the Enviro-Concepts high grade above ground wash pad with a six step filtration system.

MCHS Vehicle Wasdown Service offers :

  • The latest technology, which is environmentally friendly
  • A superior ‘wash and vac’ service for all vehicles and machinery
  • A system which captures and recycles water reducing waste to negligible amounts
  • Captures all waste for easy disposal
  • Trained and qualified Vehicle/Machinery Hygiene Inspectors who are able to visit any site in the Surat Basin
  • On site and Mobile Service (Chinchilla)
  • Open 7:00am – 4:30pm 5 days per week (Monday – Friday)
  • Saturday services are available by appointment only

All vehicles and machinery are thoroughly cleaned. Removable components are removed to ensure  a thorough clean. Both the interior and exterior of your vehicle will receive meticulous attention. Our commitment is to apply maximum effort to the removal of all contaminants and to return your vehicle in spotless condition.

Weed Hygiene Inspection Certificates are provided to ensure you meet your contractual obligations.