Mandandanji Limited

Mandandanji Limited sets the standard for Indigenous participation in the region.

Through the“Mandandanji Cultural Heritage Services business, we are regarded as a leading Indigenous supplier of Cultural Heritage and mining support services in the Surat Basin.

Mandandanji Limited also manages the Muddy Waters business (Chinchilla) and fosters new business idea of members as well as growing more business to benefit the wider community.

Our businesses use MANGO to ensure our business systems are fully compliant to work within the resource sector.  Our businesses continually evolve, grow and expand the range of products and services available to meet the demands of our customers.

The Mandandanji Limited Board works to set high standards of Indigenous Participation developing businesses which take the opportunities for our business partners and proponents to new levels.

Mandandanji provides business-to-business solutions offering proponents and customers direct and real outcomes for Indigenous Participation in their business.

Mandandanji have the capacity to engage with companies to develop joint venture options to take advantage of emerging opportunities, and support you to meet your indigenous participation targets. For more information on how we can support you, please contact the Mandandanji office.

Board Members

Mandandanji Limited hosts an Annual General Meeting (typically October/November) providing an opportunity for members to ask questions about the Limited Company, Trust and Subsidiary company.

At the 2017.18 AGM held on the 10th November 2018 members elected four (4) Directors of Mandandanji Limited. Directors are elected for a one year term and retire at the next AGM. 

Further information about the operations of the Board and outcomes for the previous financial years are included in the Mandandanji Annual Report 2017.18. Older Annual Reports can be found in the members Portal section.


  • Max MacDonald (Community Director)
  • Tracy Landers (Community Director)
  • Raylene Manns (Acting Chairperson/Community Director)
  • Michelle Leslie (Community Director) 

Corporate Governance

Mandandanji Limited;

  • Engage independent accountants- Condon Treasure to undertake all payments and accounting for the company and its subsidiaries.
  • In-house administration staff complete basic book-keeping and reconciliation tasks;
  • Conduct annual audits, undertaken by McConachie Stedmann
  • Engage an independent business advisory service provider RREDD Group
  • Engage an independent Human Resource service Grey Matta Solutions.
  • Carry comprehensive insurance including;- public liability, professional indemnity, work cover, comprehensive vehicle and machinery. Currency certificates can be provided on request.
  • Have established systems (HR, OHS & E systems) within the company and across subsidiaries.
  • All policies and procedures are consolidated into MANGO, a computer based compliance system.

Mandandanji Limited hosts an Annual General Meeting (typically October/November) providing an opportunity for members to ask questions about the Limited Company, Trust and Subsidiary companies. At the AGM members elect the Directors of the Limited company  at the 2017 AGM members nominated a seven member board, these Directors represent (4) Community Directors and (3) Applicant Directors.

Our Vision

Leaders for the past, present & future generations.

Empowering our people to be proud, fearless and respectful of where
they come from.

Maintaining our cultural traditions, connections to family and country.

Developing opportunities for economic prosperity and sustainable business.

Our Values

Mandandanji people have built their businesses on values of:

Mandandanji Limited Membership

Our membership base benefits directly from the profitability of our companies. The more interest earnt from our accounts means more resources put into the community.

These funds help Mandandanji members and their children access education; sporting; cultural opportunities; support management of funeral expenses and emergency situations and are a catalyst to business ideas.

To be a member of Mandandanji Limited you must be over 18yrs and recognised as Mandandanji by two existing members.

Mandandanji people are represented by four apical ancestry groups;

  • Nellie Edwards

  • Combarngo Bill

  • Mary Weribone

  • Weribone Jack Senior.

You can download an application form below Community

All financial members of Mandandanji Limited can access the Mandandanji Assistance Fund for help when it is required.

Click the button below to access the form but please do read the instructions and complete the form correctly